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By Jim Hart
West Linn Tidings

Two public meetings are scheduled Jan. 20 to help in the process of deciding whether the hydroelectric dam on the Willamette River near West Linn will continue to produce electricity.

The meetings are preliminary to an environmental assessment which is necessary to apply for license renewal.

Local residents will be able to speak to corporation officials and members of the Federal Regulatory Commission about the issues they believe should be considered in an environmental assessment.

Following the meetings, the environmental assessment could take as much as a year to complete.

Portland General Electric is asking to renew the license of its 16-megawatt hydroelectric plant, and Smurfit Newsprint Corporation seeks renewal of the license of its l.5-megawatt facility.

The corporations are filing application to renew the license for their respective facilities. The meetings are a key step in the process of public review of the application, according to Julie Keil of PGE.

Both facilities will reach the end their current 50-year license Dec. 31, 2004. After the assessment is complete, the current application may ask the commission to renew for 30-50 years, Keil said.

A number of meetings were held during 1999 with groups and individuals representing governmental and tribal agencies as well as groups not connected with government.

Those meetings helped form the Scoping Document 1, which describes the Willamette Falls Project and identifies key resource issues that should be included in an environmental assessment.

The first Jan. 20 meeting will be from 9 a.m. to noon in Conference Rooms A and B of the Two World Trade Center Facility, 121 S.W. Salmon St., Portland.

The second Jan. 20 meeting will be from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the cafeteria of Oregon City High School, 1306 12th St., Oregon City.

West Linn Tidings
West Linn, Or
January 13, 2000

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