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Hydroelectric power plants dominate Idaho electricity generation, supplying nearly four-fifths of the state’s production. Natural gas-fired power plants provide over one-tenth of the Idaho’s production, while coal- and wood-fired generation and wind turbines supply the remainder.
Seven of Idaho’s 10 largest generating facilities run on hydroelectric power. Idaho also has more than 30 privately owned hydroelectric power projects, including the Hells Canyon Complex on the Snake River, the largest privately owned hydroelectric power complex in the United States. Several high-voltage transmission lines connect Idaho to other Western power grids, enabling large interstate electricity transfers, and Idaho purchases large amounts of electricity from neighboring states to meet demand.


Use /Idaho /U.S. average

Residential /7.31 cents/kWh /11.38 cents/kWh

Commercial /6.13 cents/kWh /10.07 cents/kWh

Industrial /4.32 cents/kWh /6.84 cents/kWh

Summer generating capacity

Idaho 3,196 MW Share of U.S. 0.3%

Electricity generation

Source /Idaho /Share of U.S.

Total /717,000 MWh /0.2%

Oil-fired /- /0%

Natural gas-fired /77,000 MWh /0.1%

Coal-fired /6,000 MWh /0%

Nuclear /- /0%

Hydroelectric /577,000MWh /2.7%

Other renewables /57,000 MWh /0.5%

Consumption – Total energy per capita

Idaho 352,000 Btu U.S. rank 22

For electricity generation

Type /Idaho /Share of U.S.

Petroleum /- /0%

Natural gas /569 million cu ft /0.1%

Coal /- /0%

For home heating (share of households)

Source /Idaho /U.S. avg.

Natural gas /45% /51.2%

Heating oil /5% /9%

Electricity /34% /30.3%

Liquefied petroleum gases /6% /6.5%

– Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Twin Falls, ID
June 21, 2009

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