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By Journal Staff
Daily Journal of Commerce

Yesterday, the US Department of Energy said 22 advanced water power projects throughout the nation would receive up to $14.6 million in funding. Two of the projects are in Washington state.
The projects are proposed by Public Utility District No.1 of Snohomish County and Principle Power of Seattle. The PUD will receive up to $600,000 over a year to determine the types of aquatic species that live in Admiralty Inlet. The project will also identify baseline levels of background noise and the acoustic impacts hydrokinetic turbines will have on marine species.

Principle Power will get $750,000 from DOE over about two years to design and study an innovative floating support structure that combines a number of wave and wind energy power teak-off mechanisms. The mechanisms will defray the mooring and installation costs associated with higher power output.

The goal of the funding is to advance commercial viability, market acceptance and environmental performance for new marine and hydrokinetic technologies as well as conventional hydropower plants.

Funded projects address one of several topics: hydropower grid services; university hydropower research; marine and hydrokinetic energy conversion devices or component design and development; site-specific environmental studies; or market analysis and assessments.

DOE Secretary Steven Chu said the projects will lead to innovative renewable water power technologies.

“Hydropower provides our nation with emissions-free, sustainable energy. By improving hydropower technology, we can maximize what is already our biggest source of renewable energy in a environmentally responsible way,” he said.

Daily Journal of Commerce
Seattle, WA
September 16, 2009

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