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By Staff
Hood River News

What’s involved in removing a large dam from one of the Pacific Northwest’s major rivers?

This will be the focus in the Hood River valley in the next few years at PacifiCorp’s Powerdale Dam, located three miles south of Hood River.

Tuesday night’s Hood River Watershed Group meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about the plan. The event is free and open to the public.

Project manager Todd Olson will describe the endeavor in a PowerPoint slide talk.

PacifiCorp is schedule to decommission Powerdale Hydroelectric Project from the lower Hood River in summer 2010.

Olson will discuss deconstruction, powerhouse infrastructure, pipelines, restructuring the original river channel, revegetation of disturbed areas, disposal of debris, protection of fish, disposition of the project lands, and water rights.

For details (including directions), call Steve Stampfli at 386-6063. Other topics on the meeting agenda include consideration of two large irrigation district projects, and reports from several representatives on other project progress.

Since 1993, the Hood River Watershed Group has worked to sustain and improve the watershed through education, cooperation and active stewardship. As part of a regular series of “stakeholder presenations,” this event represents one way that the group tries to expand communication and ultimately facilitate better cooperation in sovling the basin’s natural resource-related problems.

Hood River News
Hood River, OR
February 21, 2009

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